Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pennsylvania in Pictures

We just got back from a month-long trip to Pennsylvania to visit Devin's family. We were so happy to have a break between the volleyball championships and Devin's internship that we could spend with family. Pennsylvania is absolutely beautiful in the summer! I don't think I've ever seen a place that is so green and heavily wooded. 

I loved seeing the city, taking a river cruise, walking around a beautiful lake, going to a Pirates game, visiting Springhouse farms and Sarris chocolate factory, swimming in the pool, and playing games with the family. Braden loved spending time with his grandparents and Uncle Nathan too. They were so nice to let us stay with them for so long! 

The view of the Pittsburgh on the river cruise. It was really neat to learn more about the city and see it from a new view.

It was so fun to spend so much time with Sherri. She is a wonderful mom and a great example to me. And one of the cleanest people I know! Living with her for a month and watching how clean she kept the house really motivated me to be better in that area. 

Family dinner at Olive Garden

My favorite time of day is the one hour that Braden gets to take his helmet off. We bathe him, wash his helmet out, and usually let him have some time without clothes. We all love it!

Practicing his standing with Dad's help

Posing on the red chair

Snuggling with Grandpa

These are the first two pages of one of Devin's childhood journals. I was dying!!

Gone are the days when Braden would wake up in the same position he went to sleep in. He usually ends up completely turned around and kicking the side of the crib.

I love bringing Braden into our room after his first morning feeding to wake up Devin. I love watching these two interact.

Braden loved taking naps on this gold couch! If Devin and I were having a hard time putting him down, we'd try putting him on this couch and he would usually fall asleep. He looks so cozy! 

I came in to check on Braden and found Devin asleep below him 

Braden came out and watched Devin and I play catch one evening in the front yard. The weather was PERFECT. 

Standing, thanks to Devin's arm supporting him :)

I was introduced to Rita's this trip and was very impressed! The custard was amazing.

Cheesecake Factory

Don't worry, he is wearing a diaper under there!

Swimming with Dad

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  1. This post made me miss PA so much! I don't know when we'll be able to go back there again. That gold couch is my favorite to nap on too! Braden is getting so big and so stinkin' cute! Love you guys!