Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Braden | six months

I can't believe he is already six months old! These have definitely been the best six months of my life. Braden makes us smile everyday and is just a great buddy to have around when Devin is gone at work. Here's what we love about Braden:

- He has two little teeth that have come through on the bottom, which make his smile about one hundred times cuter. 
- He snuggles now (as much as he can with a helmet) and wraps his arms around my neck when I hold him
- He is almost able to sit up on his own. He can do it for about 10 seconds and then he tips over. 
- He is rolling a lot more now. He doesn't get stuck on his stomach anymore and is getting better at holding his head up. 
- He loves to sit outside our house and watch the cars. That is one benefit of living on a busy street. He is mesmerized by them! His little head will turn as his eyes follow each car until it's out of sight.
- He loves to listen to singing. We can almost always calm him down by singing to him.
- He started eating rice cereal and now has it two times a day. I absolutely love watching his little mouth  chomp away at the spoon.
- His head is looking so much better! I can't even see a flat spot anymore! We are so grateful that we decided to get a helmet because the results have been amazing. We're hoping to only have it for another month.
- He loves toys that make sounds. If the toy doesn't make sounds, he'll bang it against something so it does.
- He has recently learned how to make the "B" sound and still does a lot of little yells and screams.

We could not love him more!

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  1. He is so cute, and getting so big! What a handsome boy!