Sunday, September 22, 2013

More pictures

Kristin needed a picture of our family for something she was working on the other day, so she took a few pictures of us in the front yard and by the side of the house. I love how they turned out!

Braden and Ryker

We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends living on the other side of our house. There are so many perks to living in a house with a good friend. I can't tell you how many times I've had to run next door to borrow a few eggs or have her listen for Braden when I run to pick up Devin or give me a spare key when I've locked myself out...the list goes on. Braden loves having another baby to play with and since they are only 7 weeks apart, they get along really well! Before school started, we got to use our Pass of all Passes to all go to Seven Peaks together. We shared a double tube and would switch off watching the babies and going on rides. Braden and Ryker spent some time in the kiddie pool and then played a little more on the grass. I love watching the two of them interact! Ryker is much more outgoing and energetic, which is so good for Braden to see since he's more reserved and shy. I just love watching their personalities develop. Maybe someday they'll both be back here at BYU :)

Our life lately in pictures

I haven't been doing the best at keeping up with the blog, but I do have a lot of pictures that I want to share. Here's a little bit about what we've been up to lately...

 This has to be one of my favorite pictures. Braden was so happy to be way up high on Devin's shoulders. 

 Our little family up at Sundance with the rest of the Young family.

 Braden got his first hair trim from Grandma Clarke. He had scraggly hair growing over his ears, so it was about time!

 Braden has a highchair! He LOVES it! It's so nice to have something that he can sit in while I'm making dinner or cleaning. 

 Braden is becoming more and more adventurous with his eating. The other day I made a grilled cheese for myself and cut some of it up into teeny tiny pieces for him. He loved it!

 He got a hair trim on the sides and the back of his neck, but we didn't touch the top. It's getting so long and so blonde.
 He also tried spaghetti for the first time the other day. I just about died when he would suck in the noodles that were falling out of his mouth!

 We have a stander! He loves to stand by the couch and play with toys but his new favorite spot is right by the door so he can look out at the cars. We're going to be sad when it's too cold to have the door open all day. 

He's still trying to figure out how to walk along the couch. Sometimes I'll put toys on the other end of the couch out of his reach and see if he'll try to get them. He usually ends up getting himself into a really weird position trying to move his body over. In the picture above, he is standing on both heels! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Braden | nine months

Braden has changed so much in the last month. . . which I'm sure I say every month, but this time I really mean it! Here's what he's been up to this month:

- He can get up on all fours now, but can't quite move forward yet.
- He scoots/army crawls his way around to get stuff.
- He loves to kick his feet really fast when he's sitting up playing with toys
- He just started standing up against the couch without help from me.
- He loves any kind of ball, especially if it makes a sound.
- He is still drawn to anything that has a string or ribbon. He LOVES shoelaces. 
- His favorite foods are graham crackers, yogurt, zucchini bread, pretty much any kind of fruit, and applesauce.
- He goes crazy when I take a drink from a cup and insists on taking a sip.
- He has new new teeth on top with a big gap between them (just like his mom and dad!)
- He still loves to go outside and look at the cars.
- Unfortunately he has a little bit of a problem with pulling other babies' hair. We're working on that one.
- He cracks up every time we pretend to be hurt. All we have to say is, "Ow, my arm!" and he starts laughing.

He definitely keeps me smiling all day long! We love him!