Thursday, November 3, 2011


What a beautiful time of year! Provo is vibrant with all the orange and red trees lining the streets. Besides the gloomy weather yesterday, the sun has still been shining even though the temperatures are dropping fast. The last few weeks have been very busy with school, but things are calming down a little bit. Things that have kept me smiling lately:

Devin's family came in town a few weekends ago! As part of their trip, my parents came down to Provo so we could all go to dinner together. It was a PARTY! This was the first time I was able meet his dad in person and he is such a nice man. I am so blessed to be marrying into this family! It's easy to see why Devin is so amazing after spending time with his wonderful parents. I'm also glad that Devin's younger brother Nathan was also able to come out because he makes me laugh so hard! I had so much fun that weekend and am so grateful that they let me tag along :) I can't wait for Christmas in Pittsburgh!!

Our opportunities to shine are limitless. They surround us each day, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. As we follow the example of the Savior, ours will be the opportunity to be a light, as it were, in the lives of those around us – whether they be our own family members, our coworkers, mere acquaintances or total strangers.” 
              -President Monson (at the BYU devotional yesterday)
My cute niece Brynlee dressed up as a monkey for Halloween.  My talented older Sister Laura made her costume including that cute blue tutu.  That tail is just too much for me!

I tried this recipe for Chicken Pesto Pizza and it was delicious! Me and yeast don't have the best relationship, but the dough turned out and the pesto added such a rich flavor.  Yay for pizza night!

{This is the picture from her blog. I can assure you mine did not look this perfect!}

I fell down the stairs (not all the way, but enough to give me a heart attack) on campus while holding hands with Devin.  We got a good laugh out of that one!

Two of my freshman buddies and I planned a group date to a corn maze. We ate at In-N-Out before and then met up with my brother Jordan, his roommate and their dates. We went to Becca's house after for hot chocolate and cookies. It was such a fun night! We didn't quite take the conventional route through the corn maze (after wandering around FOREVER we just went out the entrance), but we had a fun time. Jord loved doing belly flops in the piles of corn kernels :) Thanks Becca and Abby for a hilarious night!

We watched Newsies the other night and I was reminded of how amazing the music is! What a classic!

Yesterday was the first day I was able to say that we are getting married NEXT MONTH. Can you believe it?? Time is moving so fast. I cannot wait to be sealed to Devin in 47 days! This has definitely kept me smiling :) I loved looking at some of our engagement pictures that were taken by the beautiful and talented Kiera Eve Haddock. I look forward to more fun times with her again soon! We went to Temple Square a few weeks ago, which got me so excited. The Salt Lake Temple is BEAUTIFUL. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be married there. Even though there are a million different wedding plan details that need to be figured out, the temple is what is truly most important. That will be the highlight of the day and what I remember forever.

Life is so great!