Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pittsburgh Pirates Game

Last week we had a lot of fun going to a Pittsburgh Pirates game. We rode the train into the city and met up with Devin's dad after he got out of work. We lucked out with beautiful weather, great seats, and an amazing view of the city. Oh and the Pirates won! It's actually a pretty big deal since it doesn't happen very often :) Braden did well despite the fact that he has two little teeth poking through now and maybe more on the way. 

The infamous Great Pierogi Race. I had no idea what a pierogi was until I came to Pennsylvania, but apparently they are similar to a dumpling.

Amazing view of downtown Pittsburgh

It has been really interesting to see how people react to Braden's helmet. I really think some people think that it's just a costume! I've heard strangers say stuff like, "Look at his cute little football helmet!" I'm definitely not used to getting so much attention from strangers wherever I go. In Pittsburgh I'm not sure if people stare because of Braden's helmet or if they are just shocked that a couple as young as Devin and I would already have a baby. It's a toss up! In Provo, I don't think people even think twice when they see a baby since they are everywhere. It has been a new feeling for me to look around in a public place and not see another baby. Just one of the many things I'll have to adjust to when we move out of Provo next year!

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