Monday, June 24, 2013

Father's Day

After going to church and spending some time in Provo, we drove up to see my dad for dinner on Father's Day. I am so grateful to have such amazing fathers in my life. My dad, my father-in-law, and my husband have all influenced my life in one way or another. I am grateful for the way they all honor the priesthood they hold and how they lead and guide their families in righteousness. I have to say, Father's Day has become much more meaningful now that I have a child and have seen what an amazing father Devin is for Braden. He has always been so involved in everything and has made it very clear to me that our family is his top priority. I loved how often he would check up on me while he was on volleyball trips to ask about Braden. He cared about all the little details about Braden's life. I love that! With all he had on his mind on those trips, it meant so much to know that he still cared enough to ask about how Braden was doing. I am so grateful for Devin and for what an amazing father he is!

Braden is sporting his new pirate summer jammies from Grandma. He loves them!

My beautiful parents

These two are buddies. Braden just lights up when he's around Grandpa!

I had to include this one because it looks like Braden is getting a talking to from Devin :)

We were missing the other siblings! Can't wait for the family reunion in July!

I know it wasn't Mother's Day, but I had to throw this one in also. Isn't she stunning??


The weather has been absolutely perfect in Provo the last week or so! There's nothing better than spending some time out on the grass in the front yard in the evenings when our giant pine tree covers the lawn with shade. Braden doesn't like the feel of grass under his feet, but hopefully he'll get used to it soon. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Braden | six months

I can't believe he is already six months old! These have definitely been the best six months of my life. Braden makes us smile everyday and is just a great buddy to have around when Devin is gone at work. Here's what we love about Braden:

- He has two little teeth that have come through on the bottom, which make his smile about one hundred times cuter. 
- He snuggles now (as much as he can with a helmet) and wraps his arms around my neck when I hold him
- He is almost able to sit up on his own. He can do it for about 10 seconds and then he tips over. 
- He is rolling a lot more now. He doesn't get stuck on his stomach anymore and is getting better at holding his head up. 
- He loves to sit outside our house and watch the cars. That is one benefit of living on a busy street. He is mesmerized by them! His little head will turn as his eyes follow each car until it's out of sight.
- He loves to listen to singing. We can almost always calm him down by singing to him.
- He started eating rice cereal and now has it two times a day. I absolutely love watching his little mouth  chomp away at the spoon.
- His head is looking so much better! I can't even see a flat spot anymore! We are so grateful that we decided to get a helmet because the results have been amazing. We're hoping to only have it for another month.
- He loves toys that make sounds. If the toy doesn't make sounds, he'll bang it against something so it does.
- He has recently learned how to make the "B" sound and still does a lot of little yells and screams.

We could not love him more!

Friday, June 14, 2013

SpringHouse Farms

We went to dinner at SpringHouse Farms one night and had a great time. Dinner was an assortment of home cooked entrees, sides, and desserts that you could choose from. I had the chicken and gravy with potatoes and macaroni and cheese. It was really good! 

After dinner, we took some pictures in the wood cutouts, went down the slides a few times, became friends with the baby cows, and enjoyed the PERFECT weather. It was a really fun evening!

Braden wasn't too thrilled to be portrayed as a dancing pig. His expression says it all!

 Nate's face here is classic!

 Braden didn't change expressions the entire time down the slide. He is one calm child!

Even Mom got in on the action! 

His buddy, Uncle Nate 

The drive home was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I learned that the farmers in Pennsylvania have to farm in strips because there is very little flat land.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pennsylvania in Pictures

We just got back from a month-long trip to Pennsylvania to visit Devin's family. We were so happy to have a break between the volleyball championships and Devin's internship that we could spend with family. Pennsylvania is absolutely beautiful in the summer! I don't think I've ever seen a place that is so green and heavily wooded. 

I loved seeing the city, taking a river cruise, walking around a beautiful lake, going to a Pirates game, visiting Springhouse farms and Sarris chocolate factory, swimming in the pool, and playing games with the family. Braden loved spending time with his grandparents and Uncle Nathan too. They were so nice to let us stay with them for so long! 

The view of the Pittsburgh on the river cruise. It was really neat to learn more about the city and see it from a new view.

It was so fun to spend so much time with Sherri. She is a wonderful mom and a great example to me. And one of the cleanest people I know! Living with her for a month and watching how clean she kept the house really motivated me to be better in that area. 

Family dinner at Olive Garden

My favorite time of day is the one hour that Braden gets to take his helmet off. We bathe him, wash his helmet out, and usually let him have some time without clothes. We all love it!

Practicing his standing with Dad's help

Posing on the red chair

Snuggling with Grandpa

These are the first two pages of one of Devin's childhood journals. I was dying!!

Gone are the days when Braden would wake up in the same position he went to sleep in. He usually ends up completely turned around and kicking the side of the crib.

I love bringing Braden into our room after his first morning feeding to wake up Devin. I love watching these two interact.

Braden loved taking naps on this gold couch! If Devin and I were having a hard time putting him down, we'd try putting him on this couch and he would usually fall asleep. He looks so cozy! 

I came in to check on Braden and found Devin asleep below him 

Braden came out and watched Devin and I play catch one evening in the front yard. The weather was PERFECT. 

Standing, thanks to Devin's arm supporting him :)

I was introduced to Rita's this trip and was very impressed! The custard was amazing.

Cheesecake Factory

Don't worry, he is wearing a diaper under there!

Swimming with Dad