Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ward Pinewood Derby

We have been in the same ward since we got married and have loved every minute of it! We have made so many friends and have had some really fun activities. Last week, our ward did our own Pinewood Derby! Each couple got to design a car, our bishop cut them out, and we got to decorate them. Devin was out of town the weekend of the activity so I got Logan to help me think of a good idea. After some thinking of what we could put on top, Log came up with the idea to recreate the "Golden Calf." It turned out awesome! The cow actually moos when you press a button on its stomach :) 

Braden took good care of our car!

Our good friend Steph from the ward helped me with Braden since Devin was out of town. From the look on his face in the next picture, I think it's safe to say  he likes her just a little bit :)

I was amazed at how creative the rest of the ward was with their cars. Since we didn't have to follow any of the rules, there were some crazy designs! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Young Family . . . lately

Things have been going really well at the Young residence lately. We are just amazed that Braden seems to be getting so much older each day. He's becoming a little person and we are thrilled to see him grow and develop. As he's gotten older, we've been able to actually play with him more, which has been a blast. Devin loves to hold him up in the air (see pictures below), which he loves. I love to see him in front of a mirror. His eyes go wide when he sees himself and he always just gets so smiley. I LOVE how much he smiles now! 

We celebrated Devin's birthday (and St. Patrick's Day, hence the matching green outfits) at my parents' house this weekend. It was warm enough to spend some time in the backyard, which was a lot of fun. I put Braden to sleep by doing baby bounces on the trampoline while I held him. Looks like we're going to have to get a trampoline for our yard! :) 

Of course, he was given the royal treatment once again. He got to lounge on my mom's lap and get a leg massage while sucking on a teething ring. I don't think I have ever seen him kick his legs that hard! He was LOVING it! He also got to spend some time with just a diaper on, which he also liked. We just feel so blessed to have such amazing grandparents on both sides. We're looking forward to spending time with Devin's parents in just a few short weeks. WOOHOO!

Graduation Dinner

My parents took me to dinner this past weekend to celebrate my graduation. We went to P.F.Changs and had a great time! There are few things I like more than their chicken lettuce wraps. WOW. It was fun to spend time with my parents, who I love so much. I am so grateful for all they did to help me finish school. In addition to supporting me financially, they were always calling to check up on me, encouraging me not to give up after a rough exam, and keeping me in their prayers. I am so so grateful for the time I had at BYU and that I was able to achieve that goal. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Devin!

Devin turned 24 this last Friday! I am seriously the luckiest girl to be married to such a thoughtful, supportive, loving, hilarious husband. Since he had volleyball games both Friday and Saturday nights, we celebrated with a birthday breakfast and then birthday cake and presents after the game. Devin chose Kneader's for breakfast and it was delicious! I always get their french toast, but Devin and I branched out this time and got their breakfast croissant sandwiches. We weren't disappointed! We were so happy Devin's sister Kristin could join us both for the breakfast and the post-game party. 

(Nothing more flattering than a first-thing-in-the-morning picture, clearly.)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Braden | three months

Braden is growing up so fast! Devin and I looked at some of his newborn pictures last night and we couldn't believe how tiny he was. It was crazy to see him drowning in sleepers that he now has to curl his toes to fit in! Here are some of my favorite things about Braden at this new stage of his life:

- He loves to suck on his fist. He would put the whole thing in his mouth if he could!
- He has become attached to his friend, Mr. Elephant, and loves nuzzling his face into him.
- He has rolled over a few times now! He rolls from his tummy to his back.
- He laughed for the first time too, but has only done it one other time.
- He LOVES his changing pad. For some reason, he just loves it. He can be crying and crying, but as soon as we lay him on the changing pad, he cheers right up.
- He is a champ when it comes to getting his blood drawn. Unfortunately, he has had to have his blood drawn quite a few times in the last few months, but today he didn't even cry after the initial prick! 
- He moved up to size 6 month sleepers in the last week or so. 

We just love this sweet boy!

(This one's for you, Mom! I tucked the blanket behind his head so it 
stayed like that for a good ten minutes. So cute!)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Weekend in Sandy

I had another great weekend in Sandy last week when Devin was in California. We definitely miss Devin while he's gone, but he is so good at texting/calling/skyping to stay in touch. The weekend ended with a bang as Braden had a HUGE blowout about 15 minutes before we were going to leave to come back to Provo. I think he just wanted to delay leaving! It took all four of us to clean up the mess, give him a quick bath, and clean his clothes. I'm just glad it happened at the house and not on the way back! 

(Just watching the game with the boys) 

Mr. Elephant

Lately, Braden has become attached to a fuzzy little elephant blanket named Mr. Elephant. He snuggles with it and keeps it clenched in his fists. As you can tell from the first two pictures, he has become quite possessive and sometimes does NOT want to let it go! His hands in the first picture just crack me up! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Braden just kills me when he wears his flannel shirt! Enjoy! 

(This pose just cracks me up)