Thursday, September 29, 2011

{life is so good!}

Reason #278930948 why I love Devin:

He is such a hard worker! I am constantly amazed at his ability to juggle early morning lifting/conditioning, tough business classes, endless reading quizzes and assignments, hours of in-class time, practice, softball games, group projects, and lots of reading. Even with all of this, he still makes time for me and I love him for it. He even made me dinner the other night after a particularly stressful day for me! I am one LUCKY girl!

Oh and not that I'm counting or anything but . . .
81 days
1958 hours
117534 minutes

Can't wait!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

He put a ring on it!

Tuesday was probably the best day of my life. 

I'm still amazed that such an ordinary and uneventful day like Tuesday could quickly turn into something that has completely changed my life. 

Last week, Devin told me that Sundance was doing their moonlit ski lift rides this week and wondered if I wanted to go. Since this was where we had our first kiss, I was really excited to go back. At this point you may be wondering how I didn't see a proposal coming, given the sentimental nature of the date. Let me give you some background info that might help you understand...

Devin had asked me out for this coming Friday over a week in advance. That immediately made me suspicious since he usually only asks a few days beforehand. When I said that I didn't have any plans, he asked again, "You're sure you don't have any plans?". I tried not to let him know that I was onto him, but inside I was pretty confident that I had him figured out. He was so vague anytime I asked him about what we were going to do. I was pretty positive he was going to propose Friday.

Back to Tuesday night . . .

After having leftovers for dinner, we headed up to Sundance. On the way up, we reminisced about all the things we had talked about that night in June. It was just one week after our first date. I remember being amazed at how comfortable I felt talking with Devin. He made me laugh so hard! He talked about how it was to grow up outside of Utah where there were very few members of the church. I remember being so impressed by his commitment to the standards of the church even if that meant he had to stand alone. I remember how happy I was to have found a guy who was not only solid in the gospel, but also extremely good looking and athletic! It was so fun to relive those memories with him on the way up.

 (picture from our first trip to Sundance)

(Tuesday night)

It was FREEZING up at Sundance! I was really glad that I had brought two jackets just in case. Devin was probably glad too because his big jacket hid the ring box perfectly! The lift ride was beautiful. Just perfect! We got to the bottom and started walking toward the bridge where it all started. It is such a beautiful spot! I was really surprised though, when we kept walking past the bridge up the path. After a minute, he looked me in the eyes and started saying some of the most sincere compliments I have ever heard. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I don't think I have ever felt so many emotions all at once! I was so surprised and confused, but so so SO happy! Of course I said yes :)

When we were walking back to the car, he told me that my family was waiting for us at my grandparents' house. I could not have been happier! I was so glad that I was able to share such an exciting night with my family and soon to be sister-in-law Kristin. It was a night full of hugs, laughing, sparkling cider, pictures, and a surprise musical number by my brother Jordan. 

I can't wait for the future that awaits Devin and I! He is such a blessing in my life. I am constantly amazed by all he does to make me feel loved and appreciated. I couldn't ask for a better best friend and eternal companion. 

I can't wait for December 20th!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{morning glory}

cheerios  +  nectarines  +  milk

I can't get enough of this delicious combination!