Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Braden | twelve months

What a wonderful year it has been having this little guy in our lives! Looking back at the crazy months leading up to his arrival (having 8:00 a.m. classes at the peak of my morning sickness, walking around the Tanner building in the business school nine months pregnant with a huge belly, taking my finals all in one day just two days before giving birth, etc.), sometimes I can't believe I made it through! It was one happy day when he was born and Devin and I could take a deep breath. Looking back also helps me realize how worth all of it was. Nothing could have prepared me for the joy that little boy has brought into my life. He is such a special blessing in our lives.

Here are a few things about one-year-old Braden:

- He has seven teeth now (four on top, three on bottom)
- He is ALWAYS holding either a spoon or a measuring cup. Most kids have a favorite blanket or a teddy bear, but for some reason Braden has become extremely attached to his hard plastic utensils and measuring cups. A master chef in the making!
- He loves being in on the action. If I am cooking dinner, he wants to be held so he can watch what's happening. 
- He loves to play his mini piano that his Young grandparents gave him for his birthday. I love to watch him bounce up and down to the music as he plays.
- He loves to stand at his bedroom and wait for Devin to come home. I love to watch his excitement as Devin pulls into the driveway and knocks on the window. Braden loves his dad :)
- His favorite foods are mandarin oranges, toast with jam, yogurt, fruit snacks, and applesauce.
- He battled through a week of sickness over Christmas break, which thankfully was the first time he's been that sick. 
- He's still very timid when it comes to walking, but has loved walking behind the bus the Clarke grandparents gave him for his birthday. 
- He learned how to wave when saying hi. Sometimes he just wiggles his fingers without lifting his arm though, so it can be hard to notice :)

We love him so much!