Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BYU Men's Volleyball

Devin started another volleyball season in January and it's about time I wrote about it! He has started every game this season, which is saying a lot since BYU is ranked #1 in the nation. It has been SO fun to watch him play! I've been to a lot of his practices in the last year, but to see him play so well in games has been awesome. The highlight this year for me was when Devin had the winning kill against Irvine (who was ranked #1 at the time). It has been a little tricky with Braden's feeding schedule, but now that he's old enough to come to games it has been much easier. Our nurse told us to put some cotton in his ears to muffle the sound and it seems to be working since Braden doesn't seem to be too bothered by the noise. 

Lucky for me, BYU had home games all of January so this weekend is the first time he has traveled all season. Braden and I have been spoiled to have him around so much! The good thing is that I don't have school anymore to keep me in Provo, so I'll be going up to Sandy a lot when he's traveling. We love spending time with Grandpa and Grandma Clarke and Uncle Logan! 
(I think Braden got his "game face" genes from his dad)

I am so proud of Devin and all the hard work he has put into becoming so good at something he loves to do! I'm so glad he still has one more season so that Braden can come to his games when he's a little older.


  1. Go Devin! We've loved watching him on TV...doing so great! :) I can't believe how big Braden already looks, so cute. Love the game face comparison - ha!

  2. I've LOVED watching the games this season. They've been AMAZING!!!! I also really love the side by side of the boys. I laughed.