Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Motherhood | my own little audience

I love to play the piano. I have my mom to thank for that, since she taught us all to play when we were little. I remember dancing around the room with my siblings as my mom played silly songs like the "indian song." As I got older and started taking piano lessons more seriously, my admiration for her grew as I realized just how amazing she was. She could be playing Brahms or Beethoven, but she never made it look any harder than one of the children's songs. I loved listening to her. I loved watching my dad smile as she played. I wanted to be just like her. Now, I have a chance to be the mom that plays the piano for my kids. Braden sits in his bouncer next to the piano, snuggled in a blanket while I play him some songs. Most of the time it's primary songs or hymn arrangements, but sometimes I'll throw in a Gershwin or Chopin piece. I love watching his eyes go wide with excitement and his legs kick until his socks come off. This morning, I thought he was about to fall asleep as I started playing, but after a few dramatic key changes and some loud octaves from the right hand, he was wide awake again. He is the best listener! I make so many mistakes since I'm always looking over at him, but he still watches and listens. Someday he'll be able to dance around the room like I did as a kid, but for now he's just my own little audience. Thanks mom, for being the kind of person I wanted to grow up to be. Because of you, my children will have music in the home just like I was lucky enough to have when I was a kid.

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