Thursday, February 14, 2013

Braden | two months

Braden is two months old (...and a few days)! He has grown so much this month and continues to make us love him more and more each day. Some of my favorite things about Braden right now are:

- He smiles so much, especially during diaper changes and after eating
- He loves to kick his legs and ends up kicking his socks off a few times a day
- He LOVES taking baths and loves to splash the water with his feet
- He loves to make sounds. It's so cute to see how hard he tries to let out even smallest little noise.
- He likes riding in the car with the car seat cover up so he can look around.
- He likes riding in the stroller when Mom walks around the track at BYU.

He is such a good baby! We love him so much!

It was hard to choose which picture to use for his two month, so I had to include a few more of my favorites:


  1. I love reading your blog! He is so cute. When I am given the "okay" to exercise, we should walk together at BYU. -Rachel Alford :)

  2. Ok, Marie...he is CUTE!!! I mean, that first picture he is just looking into your soul! I want to hold that little guy! The sleeping pictures are the best - I love the little layout you have for him, and the arms out are priceless.

  3. So cute. He really is a darn cute baby!