Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Braden | three months

Braden is growing up so fast! Devin and I looked at some of his newborn pictures last night and we couldn't believe how tiny he was. It was crazy to see him drowning in sleepers that he now has to curl his toes to fit in! Here are some of my favorite things about Braden at this new stage of his life:

- He loves to suck on his fist. He would put the whole thing in his mouth if he could!
- He has become attached to his friend, Mr. Elephant, and loves nuzzling his face into him.
- He has rolled over a few times now! He rolls from his tummy to his back.
- He laughed for the first time too, but has only done it one other time.
- He LOVES his changing pad. For some reason, he just loves it. He can be crying and crying, but as soon as we lay him on the changing pad, he cheers right up.
- He is a champ when it comes to getting his blood drawn. Unfortunately, he has had to have his blood drawn quite a few times in the last few months, but today he didn't even cry after the initial prick! 
- He moved up to size 6 month sleepers in the last week or so. 

We just love this sweet boy!

(This one's for you, Mom! I tucked the blanket behind his head so it 
stayed like that for a good ten minutes. So cute!)

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