Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ward Pinewood Derby

We have been in the same ward since we got married and have loved every minute of it! We have made so many friends and have had some really fun activities. Last week, our ward did our own Pinewood Derby! Each couple got to design a car, our bishop cut them out, and we got to decorate them. Devin was out of town the weekend of the activity so I got Logan to help me think of a good idea. After some thinking of what we could put on top, Log came up with the idea to recreate the "Golden Calf." It turned out awesome! The cow actually moos when you press a button on its stomach :) 

Braden took good care of our car!

Our good friend Steph from the ward helped me with Braden since Devin was out of town. From the look on his face in the next picture, I think it's safe to say  he likes her just a little bit :)

I was amazed at how creative the rest of the ward was with their cars. Since we didn't have to follow any of the rules, there were some crazy designs! 

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