Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Young Family . . . lately

Things have been going really well at the Young residence lately. We are just amazed that Braden seems to be getting so much older each day. He's becoming a little person and we are thrilled to see him grow and develop. As he's gotten older, we've been able to actually play with him more, which has been a blast. Devin loves to hold him up in the air (see pictures below), which he loves. I love to see him in front of a mirror. His eyes go wide when he sees himself and he always just gets so smiley. I LOVE how much he smiles now! 

We celebrated Devin's birthday (and St. Patrick's Day, hence the matching green outfits) at my parents' house this weekend. It was warm enough to spend some time in the backyard, which was a lot of fun. I put Braden to sleep by doing baby bounces on the trampoline while I held him. Looks like we're going to have to get a trampoline for our yard! :) 

Of course, he was given the royal treatment once again. He got to lounge on my mom's lap and get a leg massage while sucking on a teething ring. I don't think I have ever seen him kick his legs that hard! He was LOVING it! He also got to spend some time with just a diaper on, which he also liked. We just feel so blessed to have such amazing grandparents on both sides. We're looking forward to spending time with Devin's parents in just a few short weeks. WOOHOO!

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