Monday, August 27, 2012

my last first day of school

Today was the last time I will ever have a first day of school. What a strange realization! Even though I've been going to school all summer today still felt different and new and exciting. I made Devin take first day of school pictures before we left for class today (a tradition that I am definitely sticking to even when it's just Devin going to school haha). Campus was crowded with people today. I love people watching on the first day of school. It was really fun to run into friends I haven't seen since winter semester and catch up. It was funny to see their reactions as they looked down and saw my baby bump. It's amazing how much you change in just a few short months when there's a little baby growing inside you! Here are the pictures we took this morning: 

My doctor said that by 24 weeks even strangers will be able to tell I'm pregnant. Tomorrow will be my 24 week mark and I can back up his claim 100%! Maternity pants are my new favorite thing :)

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  1. Marie! I want to run into you on campus! Miss you :)