Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Braden | five months

Five months is such a fun stage! Devin and I have loved watching him learn. Here are a few of the many reasons why we love Braden:

- He chews/sucks on everything! As soon as he grabs something, it goes straight to his mouth.
- He knows Devin and I. It is becoming more and more clear that he knows his mom and dad. His face lights up when we come in the room and he sometimes gets a little nervous when someone else is holding him. 
- He has started to squeal. We have his cousin Jackson to thank for this one :) Ever since the trip to LA Braden will do a high-pitched squeal at random times throughout the day. I think it's super cute.
- He gets the hiccups when he laughs hard. About 99% of the time, he'll have the hiccups by the time he is done laughing.
- He loves to splash in the bath. I'm seriously considering wearing my swimsuit when I bathe him because I get so wet. He has some powerful kicks now!
- He gets squirmy and rolls around when he's getting a diaper change. It takes some serious maneuvering to get a clean diaper on him.
- He can roll from his back to his tummy now! Most of the time he gets stuck with both arms under his body though. We're still working on it!
- He sleeps on his side now most of the time. He has scared us a few times by rolling onto his stomach during the night, but he's been fine. 
- He has adjusted so well to his helmet! The whole process has been much better than we expected. He's up to 23 hours a day now and seems to be used to it now.
- He is getting CHUBBY! Gotta love a chubby baby.

We love him so much!!

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  1. He is SO cute, Marie! I'm glad things are going well with his helmet. Sorry we didn't get to see you while we were in Utah - I want to snuggle that boy! :) xoxo