Thursday, March 15, 2012


the view from his hotel window (taken from their website)

No, I'm not in Hawaii...or even going to go there soon. But Devin is! He left with his volleyball team yesterday on a direct flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. They're playing University of Hawaii Friday and Saturday nights and then they'll fly home Sunday night. Sounds like a fun trip to me! I've been spoiled to have him in town for the last three weeks so it was kind of hard saying good bye this time. It's always strange not having him around the apartment, but he always does a really good job at texting/calling me whenever he can (even with the time difference). I'm really glad he gets this opportunity to see beautiful places like Hawaii since I doubt we'll be vacationing to distant tropical lands any time soon. A little over our budget! I just hope the team has a chance to take some hula lessons. I would love to watch a group of 6'6+ guys doing the hula!

his hotel!

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