Thursday, November 18, 2010

"You sing a sad song, just to turn it around..."

Yesterday was just a bad day. I say that, even though I know that I am blessed in so many ways and really have no reason to be sad. As much as I wish everyday was a day of sunshine, peach-filled crepes and happy endings, part of our progression here on earth depends on the experience we gain from not-so-great days. Bad days always have a way of reminding me of the things I know to be true and teaching me new things I've never thought about. I was thankful yesterday to have the knowledge that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me even when I don't get A's on tests or am just feeling lonely. I am thankful that Jesus Christ understands us more fully and intimately than anyone here on earth. I am thankful for parents that taught me how to become a prayerful person and have enough faith to put all my earthly cares at His feet and accept the answers I receive. I am thankful that the Holy Ghost is always there to give me small reminders of how blessed I really am. I know that days of sadness and frustration are part of the plan and make us stronger and more fit for the kingdom. Thank goodness for phone calls to family members, this talk, EFY music, good friends, the scriptures, and victorious BYU basketball games :)

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