Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Reflection in the Water: Pres. Uchtdorf

This talk by President Uchtdorf is one of those talks that really makes you want to change the way you think about yourself. He is so powerful when he talks about who we really are. Imagine what would happen if everyone on earth heard this talk? We are SO blessed to have a knowledge of who we really are; children of our Heavenly Father. "This knowledge changes everything. It changes your present. It can change your future. And it can change the world." I really believe this is true! So often we get caught in traps of insecurity and doubt about our looks or our social status or whatever. If only we could always remember that none of those things really matter. As we remember who we are and who we can become, all our doubts will go away. One of my favorite parts of the talk is when he says, "You are no ordinary beings. You are GLORIOUS and ETERNAL." Isn't that the most empowering statement? I love this talk! 

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