Saturday, July 13, 2013

Braden | seven months

Braden turned seven months old yesterday. This last month has been so much fun! I absolutely love being a mom to this sweet boy of mine. Here is this month's update:

- He got his helmet off on Monday and has been especially snuggly all week. 
- He eats baby food mixed with rice cereal three times a day. So far he has tried carrots, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies, and peas. He likes them all!
- He smiles and laughs ALL the time. He is also extremely ticklish on his stomach, underarms, and sides.
- He is very clingy and will usually cry when I leave the room. We're working on this one. 
- He sits up on his own now for long periods of time and plays with his toys.
- He loves to read books and can turn the pages. 
- He has been a good sport when Devin and I have softball games. 
- He is always on his best behavior when we have people over. He has become quite the charmer!
- He has a finger puppet from IKEA that's a bunny. He likes to put the ears in his mouth, chomp down, and then start playing with other toys while it's still in his mouth. 
- He loves to play the piano.
- He always gets compliments on his big blue eyes.
- He likes to drink water out of a cup even though most of it dribbles down his chin and onto his shirt.

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