Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weekend with the Youngs

We LOVE when the Youngs visit from Pennsylvania! They flew in on Thursday and were here for all of Easter weekend. Braden has changed so much since the last time they were in town, so it was fun that he could actually interact with them a little bit. Thursday night we went to Communal, a local restaurant that serves unique dishes made with produce and other ingredients from local farms. It's family style, so you share each dish so everyone gets to try everything. I was a little skeptical since I didn't recognize half the ingredients on the menu, but it was really good! Each dish had such unique flavors and interesting ingredients. I think my favorite dish was the fennel and mushroom tart (I still don't know what fennel is haha). I wish I had taken some pictures of the food, because the presentation alone made my mouth water. After Communal we headed over to  watch Devin's team beat Pepperdine in volleyball. Since the match only went to 4 sets we had some time to come back to our place. Braden should have been hungry, worn out from the game, tired, etc. but as soon as Grandpa Young starting talking to him, he started laughing! Braden doesn't laugh very often, especially late at night, so it was a nice surprise :) I love just sitting around and talking with the Youngs. It's so nice that I feel completely comfortable around them and love spending time with them. 

The next day we went on a walk to see the construction site for the new Provo Tabernacle temple. I drive by it almost daily, so I've been able to see the progress they've made since the building almost burned to the ground. They have preserved the outer walls of the temple and are building around it. Recently, the outer shell has been put on stilts so that they can work on the foundation and basement of the temple. They left some openings in the fence so that you can look down and see what's going on. The pictures really don't do it justice. It is INCREDIBLE to see how much work goes into building each temple! I can't wait to see what the finished temple looks like!

We continued our walk to Guru's for lunch. Braden had had enough by that point and fell asleep in the stroller. Thank goodness for strollers! :)

That night, we drove down to see the new City Creek shopping center in Salt Lake City. I had heard it was beautiful and had high expectations. It did not disapoint! It was beautiful! I love to window shop, especially when there are extremely creative and beautiful window displays. I think my favorite was Anthropologie with the oversized flowers. Grandpa and Grandma Young found Braden the smallest tie I have ever seen! I'll post some pictures soon. It makes him look about 4 years older. Devin was really excited to see the fountain show, since one of his marketing teachers talked about it in class. It really was incredible! I was surprised to see fire mixed in with the other water features in the fountain. I don't know how it worked, but some of the water looked like it was literally on fire. CRAZY! 

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day! The weather was sunny and warm and church was uplifting and inspiring. After the block, we spent some time playing catch and enjoying the sun in the front yard. Even though we live on a busy street, it is really fun to have a pretty big yard with lots of grass. Braden got to try out his new Bumbo for the first time, which made me laugh so hard. He struggled at first to keep his head up (see pictures below), but he got the hang of it eventually. As a side note, I don't think there is anything cuter than a little baby boy wearing a white collared shirt with no pants! Later, we went to Kristin's apartment to have dinner, dye eggs, and play games. Overall, it was a wonderful day!

We are looking forward to spending a month in Pennsylvania this summer before Devin's internship starts mid-June. I feel like making a paper chain or something to help me count down the days. We're so excited!

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