Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catch Up

We were so blessed to have family come in town a few weeks ago. My brother Jae had his Utah reception, which Braden and I were able to go to. Unfortunately, Devin couldn't join us because he had a volleyball game that night :( The reception was beautiful and so much fun! I am so glad they had a Utah reception so that I could feel a part of the wedding. We really missed my sister Laura and her family since they had to head back to New Hampshire after the wedding in California. Family pictures just look so strange when not everyone is included! 

Braden's outfit was a little big, but at least it matched the wedding colors! He slept through the whole reception! 

That same weekend, Devin's parents and brother Nathan came in town to see Devin's games. It's always so much fun to have them in town. Braden had been counting down the days to meeting his grandparents! I got to go to the first part of Friday's game with them and it was so much fun! We really missed Devin's brother Ryan and his family who were planning on coming up for the weekend, but had a few kids get sick. Hopefully we can find a way to see them soon! 

On Sunday (talk about a busy weekend!) we were able to bless Braden. We did it in the evening on so my Dad could make it. It was a small group of close friends and family, but it was such a special evening! Thank you to everyone who came to support us. 

 The men in the circle: Grandpa Tueller, Uncle Dave, and our dads. We were missing our brothers!

Braden flashing gang signs with his buddy Ryker :)

We love having family in town!

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  1. hahaha that picture of Braden and Logan kills me! Also, I love the sweater Braden wore to the wedding reception!