Thursday, May 31, 2012

{ catching up }

Wow, it has been forever since I've written a new post! Since my last post A LOT has happened in the Young household. Here's a brief list of happenings to get you caught up with our family:

- Devin wrapped up another volleyball season. We're sad that BYU didn't come out on top, but they had a great season.

- I was hired as an advertising assistant at BYU Independent Study at the end of April. I've been working part-time and I love it!

- Devin was hired as a camp planner with BYU Sport's Camps. He is in charge of planning the lacrosse, rugby, volleyball, and swimming camps this summer. He's working full-time and might even have some overtime hours when the summer picks up.

- I started spring term classes. I'm enrolled in entrepreneurial marketing and strategic management and they have definitely been keeping me busy! I'll be taking summer classes too so I can graduate in December. Woo hoo!

- Devin got his mission bike out of storage and put it together. It is the tallest bike I have ever seen in my life, but fits him perfectly. Luckily he works on campus and can ride his bike to work so I can have the car.

- We moved! We found an apartment a few blocks down the street from our old apartment that was much cheaper and still had the layout we wanted. We also got to stay in the same ward! It's a little pink house that is split into two apartments. The people who live in the other half of the house are our good friends from the ward, which made the move an even easier decision :)

- We took a trip down to Las Vegas to meet up with some of Devin's family for Memorial Day weekend. We drove down with Kristin and stayed at Ryan and Sara's house with their cute family. Jared and Christy drove up from San Diego too. It was so much fun to spend time with some of his siblings and enjoy the warm Las Vegas weather. We really missed Nathan though! :( Sara and Ryan were so nice to let us sleep on their air mattresses and cook us meals. It was a great trip!

- Devin has become a chef extraordinaire! Since I don't get off work til 6, Devin has been making dinner most of the time. I have been amazed at how good they have been! The other night, he made us avocado chicken that was delicious! One of the many reasons why I love my husband :)

Even though Devin and I are busier than ever and have an apartment full of moving boxes, we are happier than ever! Hopefully, I will be better at writing blog posts.

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