Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Matthew & Janine} - est. August 6, 1983

I know I'm a few days late, but I have been thinking a lot about my parents lately and I just thought they deserved a post :) On August 6th, my parents celebrated their 28th anniversary! I could talk about them for hours, but to keep my thoughts somewhat coherent and organized I've decided to just talk about seven of the many things I love about my parents.These are in no particular order:

1. My parents love the Lord. Their lives are evidence of the unshakable testimonies they each have. I could tell they loved the Lord by watching the way they lived their lives. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I started to really appreciate the small and simple ways in which they established Christ as the center of our home. Scripture study, FHE, family prayer, and countless informal gospel conversations helped me form my testimony of the gospel. I am so grateful for their testimonies of Jesus Christ and their example of how to live a Christ-like life.

2. My parents love to laugh. I honestly don't think a day went by without me hearing my parents laugh. My dad is an expert at doing goofy things to give my mom the giggles. I admire their ability to find humor even in the midst of stressful or frustrating situations. I am so grateful that my parents created a very happy home for us to grow up in.

3. My parents are workers! My dad has blessed our family so much by his willingness to go to work everyday. I never heard him complain about it, even on days when he had to stay late or go to work early. He made it possible for me to take piano lessons, play sports, learn new instruments, go on band tours, buy new clothes, etc. etc. etc. He has always been so selfless with the money he earns. While my dad is at work, my mom is sailing through list after list after LIST of "to do's". She was always working on something around the house, whether it was whipping up a batch of cookies for someone in the ward or getting on her hands and knees to clean a toilet.  I am so grateful that my parents taught me the importance of work.

4. My parents are fun! Some of my fondest memories are times when my family would do fun activities together. I have yet to find a game that even comes close to being as fun as slipper tag! :) I enjoyed spending time with my parents because they truly are my best friends. I will always be grateful to my parents for making the effort to play games, dance to silly music, make a "spot" downstairs, toss a football, or give a back massage to us. 

5. My parents love me! I've been thinking a lot lately about how each of my parents had their own way of expressing their love for each of their children. My dad and I would give little hand squeezes to each other at random times and I always knew that two squeezes meant, "I love you". I loved that. My mom would place little notes on my pillow or on the bathroom mirror telling me that she loved me. Both of them were so good at making sure each child in my family felt loved and appreciated. Because I knew that their love for me was unconditional, I always felt comfortable confiding in them or asking for advice. I am so grateful that I grew up in a home filled with love.

6. My parents knew the importance of magnifying callings. I don't ever remember a time in my life where my parents didn't have meetings! haha When I was little, my dad was called as the bishop in our ward. I remember my mom making cookies and hot chocolate so that me and my siblings could make a "secret delivery" to my dad's bishopric meetings at the church. I remember fishing trips with my dad and brothers when my mom was away at girl's camp. These are just a few examples of my parents' selfless service. I loved being able to watch each of them support the other in their specific callings. They worked as a team and celebrated each others' strengths. 

7. My parents love each other. This would be obvious to anyone who spends just one day in my home. I love the fact that sparks are still flying even after 28 years! One of my favorite things to observe is my dad before Christmas or Mother's Day. He works so hard to find just the right gift! I love that he would buy my mom flowers and chocolates. I never had to wonder if my parents loved each other, which was SUCH a blessing.

I love you both so much, Mom and Dad! Thanks for everything you have done for me and the rest of the children!

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  1. Marie! That is so sweet. And you are right, you do have amazing parents!