Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love, our only motive.

       Russell T. Osguthorpe spoke at the BYU devotional a few weeks ago and shared a message that really motivated me to change. He started by reading Moroni 7:46 which says, "If ye have not charity, ye are nothing." We might get straight A's, we might get into the best graduate school, but we must remember that if we have not charity, we are nothing. I really think this is applicable to us in whatever stage of life we may be in. As a student, I understand how easy it is to become completely wrapped up in grades and test scores. Our days are filled with classes, study sessions, tests, homework, etc. that can easily stop us from looking outward. We must realize what is truly important. He then went on to talk about the importance of pure motives. He asked, "What if our only motive were love? What if everything we did, we did out of love?" I have thought about these questions a lot the last few weeks. As I have attempted to make small changes in my personal motives, I have noticed dramatic changes in my life. I really believe that by having love as our motive for everything we do, we will be able to unlock some of the most powerful blessings God has to give to us. We will be blessed with a greater strength and capacity to perform the Lord's work. We will be blessed with more patience and compassion. We will be able to see people around us for who they really are; children of God. What better blessings could we ask for?? 
       I also loved when he said, "In the end, why we do things is probably more important than what we do." Sometimes I tend to stress myself out trying to come up with some big act of service I could do for a person that is struggling. I need to remember that as long as I do what I do out of love, it really doesn't matter what I end up doing for them.
     "We need to have a special kind of love to rejoice more in the success of others than in our own success." This kind of love takes time to develop. The natural man within all of us would have us desire to put our own success above the success of others. It's hard sometimes to be sincerely happy for other's success, but again, it will bring amazing blessings. Osguthorpe gave us a way to measure our progress in this area. He said, "When others' needs start to matter more than our own and when others' successes are more exciting to us than our own, we are beginning to experience the kind of love our Father in Heaven and Savior have for us. It is a love without dimension. It has no boundaries and no limitations. It is pure, it is infinite, and it is eternal." After hearing this, I thought about how that would feel to possess that kind of love. Wouldn't life just be so much happier?
     The last thing he talked about was the responsibility each of us has to make time to show love to others. "Each of us has a clear mission as well, but like the Savior we need to remain open to the needs of others we pass along the way. Our calendars can never be so packed that we don't have room to show love to those around us." Life is often speeding by and if we're not careful we will neglect to make time to serve.
      I know this post is getting really long, but I have to share to just one more quote..."The only way for us to increase our capacity to love in this way is to feel the love our Father in Heaven and His Son have for us. The more we feel their love for us, the more we increase our capacity to show that love to others." I love this. I hope that we can all try a little harder to make love our only motive.

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