Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MCOM assignment recap:

For my MCOM 320 class, our assignment over the weekend was to buy a stranger a drink. I was grateful for this assignment because not only did it push me out of my comfort zone, but it also allowed me to be more aware of the people around me. Instead of making a specific plan on exactly where and when I was going to fulfill this assignment, I tried to just go about my day and wait for a good opportunity. Even though I didn’t buy the drink for the first few days, I realized that just by having my mind focused on looking for opportunities to buy someone a drink, I noticed other opportunities to serve. I was amazed at what a huge difference just a minor change of focus made on the way I viewed people.
My brother and I went grocery shopping together on Saturday night (I know…so cute haha) and I decided that I wanted to give it to one of the workers since the lines were long and they were working hard. When I got up to the register I noticed that our bagger was slightly handicapped. She was slower than the other baggers, but was so good about handling each item with care. After she was done bagging my groceries I handed her the drink and thanked her for working so hard. She was so surprised and said, “This is for me?” It was so cute! I left with the biggest smile on my face. I was able to make someone feel appreciated by the simple act of buying a drink. I hope that I won’t wait for another assignment to do more simple acts of service!

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