Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tiffany Knab

I am WAY behind on my birthday posts :( Tiffany's birthday was on November 8th and she turned 20. The first time we met, officially, was actually at her 10th birthday party. My family had just moved onto her street a few days before her birthday and she was nice enough to invite me to her party. I will always be grateful to her for including me that day, especially since I was very nervous about moving and having to make new friends. We quickly became good friends and had so much fun together! Tiff makes me laugh harder than just about anyone else on earth. She is always up for any sort of spontaneous adventure and drives a really cool car. I learned and still learn so much from her wonderful example. She is one SHARP girl!!  I hope she knows how many lives she has changed for good. Tiffany will always be my hero. 


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