Friday, December 31, 2010

{ christmas break }

Here are some highlights of Christmas break:
- David Archuleta/MoTab Choir Concert with my dad, Jordan and Logan. AMAZING!

- Laura, Josh and Brynlee arrived safely after a long drive from Huntington Beach, CA.
- Jae and his long wavy hair arrived safely after a LATE flight from San Francisco.
- Clarke family Christmas party. Love love LOVED playing some intense volleyball and lightning with the extended family. Bryn loved doing somersaults all over the hard gym floor. And we all know that a Clarke gathering wouldn't be complete without a game of missionary tag with the cousins.

- The pigeons decided to add some MAJOR drama to the holidays by allowing a hawk to get into the pigeon coop. NOT GOOD. After devouring one of the pigeons, the hawk realized he was stuck and panicked. After taking the proper precautions (safety goggles, two layers of gloves, and a sturdy net) my dad went inside to trap it. My uncle is a falconer and said that he wanted to keep the hawk if we could catch it. After some very close calls with its sharp talons and piercing beak, my dad managed to get it into a box to take to my uncle. We are still mourning the loss of one of our beloved feathered friends, but I think we'll all recover soon.


- Jordan has perfected the art of exaggerated falling. Just a slight brush against his leg will send him soaring into elaborate spins and flips before crashing to the ground. It makes me laugh SO HARD! 
- Jae's hair has taken a turn for the worst...or so I thought when he first arrived. Little by little though, it's been growing on me. Not literally. Thank goodness. He just got it trimmed yesterday and it looks amazing!

- We got to visit both sets of grandparents which was so great!


- Christmas was FABULOUS! I loved sleeping in, eating delicious homemade scones (thanks Mom!), watching Bryn get so excited about each present, and celebrating my Dad's birthday. It was a great day with the family!

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