Wednesday, August 11, 2010

California Trip

          I think it's finally time to give a recap of the long awaited surprise trip to California. Me and my two older brothers decided to drive out to California and surprise my sister Laura who lives in Huntington Beach. We talked the plans over with Josh, her husband, and made sure her schedule was clear before we drove down. We left super early in the morning (after 4 hours of sleep. Bad idea), picked up Jae in Provo and started on the scenic drive full of luscious forests, flowered meadows, gorgeous sunsets, and raging rivers. Actually, we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere because all we saw was sand, cacti, weeds, and roadkill. Despite all this we had a very enjoyable ride. I was laughing basically the entire time. Jord and I spotted some dancing chili peppers and Jae entertained us with his falsetto singing. It was all fun and games until Jord spilled watermelon and mustard down my shirt because he tried to feed me while I was driving. We made it to Lar's apartment and crawled up to the door so she wouldn't see us. Lar answered the door and was SO surprised!! Bryn came running out from a back room, stopped at the sight of us, and said, "Mom, mom, mom, mom" while inching her way away from us. She warmed up quickly though, and was super cute and talkative the rest of the trip.

      Some of the things we did while down there are:
              1. Play at the beach

              2. Go to the Getty Art Museum. SO cool!

              3. Eat the best meal of my life at Lucille's BBQ

              4. Watch Bourne Identity 
            5. Play at the park
            6. Hang out with Uncle Mark (and stay at his house,THANK YOU!)
            7. Go to a look out point near Newport Beach(?) 

              8. Attend church and hear Laura give an AMAZING Relief Society lesson.
            9. Eat at Wahoo's
           10. Play frisbee golf 
Thanks Laura, Josh, Brynlee and Mark for the great trip!!

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  1. precious. lol Um, did you know that frisbee golf is one of my favorite things ever?