Friday, August 13, 2010

Abby Robertson

My roommate Abby just had a birthday a little while ago so it's time for her birthday spotlight (just like in primary, except without the song and singing children). My first semester at BYU last fall I decided to room with someone random. I was super nervous how it would turn out until I started emailing Abby a few weeks before school. Even just from a few emails back and forth, I knew that I had really lucked out. We roomed together for two semesters and I learned so much from her! It's amazing what you can observe and pick up on when you live with a person that long. She is such a caring, selfless person. She has more self discipline than anyone I know (she went on LONG runs everyday without fail and was always doing ab workouts or going to the gym. AMAZING!). She is such a hardworking student, which pushed me to study harder. All her hard work paid off though, she just got accepted into the Nursing Program at BYU!! Pretty sure the odds of getting into that major is about 1 in 17382747892983471784894. She is a pro dancer. She is GORGEOUS. Oh, and did I mention she does Triathlons??


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