Monday, July 12, 2010

Huntin' Wabbits

Actually, we weren't really hunting rabbits. That's just the name of a cool Jazz Band song. This weekend the Tueller family went up in the mountains for a little get-together. My brothers had some wrist rockets and spent the majority of the time on the grounds hunting for all kinds of varmints. I joined in and finally managed to get one of my own. Hunting usually consists of big strong men prowling through the most dangerous corners of the forest wearing full body camouflage and Carhartt hats with a bulky gun clutched in their paws, I mean hands. In the Clarke family, things are a little different. We haven't killed anything over 8 inches long, we don't wear camouflage (although Jae did wear his special white "outdoorsy" bandanna), and wrist rockets are our weapon of choice. I've never been one for hunting, but I had a blast! Me and Logan are making a trip to Walmart to buy our own wrist rockets today. Can't wait.
We took a break from hunting to play a game of kickball with the fam. We took team pictures during half time (I just now realized that we shouldn't have had half time in the middle of a kickball game. Wrong sport. Oh well.) I loved watching Jordan slide into each base even when the ball was still bouncing around in the outfield. It was such a fun time together!


  1. wrist rocket? what is that? At walmart you say? I think I need one

  2. Marie! I love your blog! I've been blog-stalking... hope you don't mind.
    Anyway, I really like the picture with you, jordan, and your parents posing dramatically. And some other people I don't know. I laughed out loud. I love your mom's expression. I guess it comes down to--I love your family!