Friday, July 2, 2010


Right now, I am really inspired by clean lines, bold colors and shapes, minimalism, and new takes on old classics. That is probably why the items above make me so happy. AND since my social life has hit an all-time low, I've had plenty of time to daydream about things like yellow floral wallpaper and Mr. and Mrs. salt and pepper shakers. Seriously though, I think a lot of people underestimate the impact good design can have. For instance, when I go to the store, I am much more prone to buy products that have colorful and creative packaging. When I'm driving on the freeway, my eyes automatically travel to the billboards with interesting typography or abnormal color combos. When I am at the library, I check out the books with cool covers. The next time you're in the store or driving around, take a look around you and see what grabs your attention.

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  1. come I didn't know you had a blog?!? come on! ;) um...maybe at the reunion you could do a craft class? and teach us how to make those cute flowers for necklaces or shirts? pretty please?