Monday, May 24, 2010

Work Work Work

I currently have a job at DownEast Clothing in Draper as a Sales Associate. I am in charge of manning the dressing rooms, sorting new shipment, cleaning the store, organizing merchandise and just making sure everything is organized. It has really been cool to see sort of the "behind-the-scenes" action. I get to see how certain customer issues are handled, how the company guards against theft, and other interesting things. It has really made me want to change the way I shop. Here are just a few things that I have learned.

1. Never get mad at a store employees. As frustrating as the situation may be, most likely it is not entirely their fault. Remember that employees are just as human and prone to mistakes as anyone else. You'll just embarrass yourself if you get mad or yell.
2. If you can't find your size, ask if there are any in the back. It seems so simple, but I am always amazed by how many people I have overheard saying things like, "I wish they had my size in this", and never think to ask. At DownEast we keep a lot of our stock in the backroom to reduce clutter on the sales floor. I'm sure it is the same at other stores.
3. If you are shopping alone, resist the temptation to ask an employee for their opinion on how a clothing item looks on you. Asking if a swimsuit or a pair of jeans is too tight will most likely make the employee uncomfortable and create an awkward situation for everyone involved. Trust me on this one!

Because I have gotten to know the DownEast clothing line REALLY well, I have decided to highlight a few of my favorite items from the Spring line.

1. Samba Skirt (comes in blue and light gray), $26.99 *I bought this in light gray and LOVE IT! The elastic waistband makes it sooooo comfortable.

2. Watering Can Dress (coming soon), $34.99

3. Must Have Matchstick Jean, $44.99 (on sale now for $33.75)

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